What is Assisted Living?

Sometimes known as “residential care,” this is an arrangement suited to seniors; who are no longer able to care for themselves but may need assistance with certain physical or medical needs such as; laundry, meal preparation, remembering to take medicine, or dressing/undressing. Care aides or personal support workers are regularly available to assist with a variety of tasks. Meal plans are usually included. Assisted living is best understood as a middle ground between the independent supportive living and the round-the-clock “medical” care and supervision in long term care homes.

Photo by Brightwater Senior Living

When making the decision to move your loved one into an assisted living community, it can be very emotional; especially for those who are involved. In most cases, it can feel like a loss of independence and privacy for a loved one and you might even feel guilty for making the decision. But ultimately, if your parent is capable, it’s their decision. It’s important to remember that assisted living is not a sign of defeat. Rather, it’s a viable living option that can help ensure your parent’s safety and address their needs. Plus, unlike nursing homes, assisted living facilities provide a sense of self-sufficiency for your mom or dad but with added support.

Photo by Dailycaring
Photo by Brightwater Senior Living

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