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What Is Independent Supportive Living?

Here are some great answers to your question, and It might be helpful to know these answers to help make the right decision on where yourself or a loved one should be supported and live comfortably. Some seniors prefer to stay in their home for the rest of their life, or may not even know there are even better and more financially friendly options available. Older adults who live alone, might not have access to basic necessities or assistance from friends or family, but still, wish to remain independent.

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What is independent supportive living? Well, this type of option allows both. Yourself or a loved one can be supported in the comfort of a supportive community, on-call nurses, doctors, and staff members if an accident or necessary assistance would be needed. You can be comfortable knowing that yourself or a loved one will be provided excellent service, meals, laundry service, cleaning, and social activities, and interactions with other guests.

When a loved one is home alone, we all know that eating by yourself is not the greatest choice, and we want to continue to be healthy, active and enjoy the company of others. There is no need for planning, meal prepping when living in a retirement community with access to chef-prepared meals, no more dishes to be cleaned, and in the company of new friends. If you or a loved one have hip or knee issues, it’s not enjoyable bending down and cleaning out an oven or stove top. There is no stress or worry when living in an independent living environment.

When being alone for too long, it can trigger depression, anxiety, and could further develop more health problems down the road. The less interaction that one has, the more it can result in memory loss over a period of time. Having an interaction with social groups, friends and neighbors can really keep the mind sharp and can reduce memory loss.

When living at an independent residence, they can benefit from the safety and security on the premises, 24-hour emergency response, mobility assistance, shopping, and transportation.

Living independently is possible, and the opportunity to meet new people and develop new friendships is definetly possible! Let us assist you in customizing the best option for you or a loved one. We provide professional services that suit your every need.

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