What To Do If You Have Fallen And Can’t Get Up?

The unexpected happens, so we wanted to share these 5 steps for getting up from a fall. The risk of injury or a fall happening increases with age and it’s important to know what to do if you or a loved one need assistance.

First Step:

It’s important to lie on your side; bend the leg that is on top and lift yourself onto your elbows or hands.

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Photo by Beaumont Emergency Centre

Second Step:

Pull yourself towards an armchair or other sturdy object. Make sure to kneel while placing both hands on the chair or object.

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Photo by Fit4work

Third Step:

Place your sturdy leg on the front, and hold onto the chair or object needed.

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Photo by © Norbert Schäfer

Fourth Step:

Stand up

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Photo by Lifeline

Step 5:

Carefully turn and sit down.

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Most of all it’s important to stay calm. Make sure to practice these steps often and be prepared in case you or a loved one falls. The reaction is extremely important, and the difference between a “serious” fall and a “less serious” fall. The physical and psychological consequences need to be decreased. It helps to enable more confidence quickly and continue as mobile and independent as possible.

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Interesting Facts:

Falls are the most common cause of injury among seniors. 20-30% of seniors (aged 65 and over) have a fall every year. Half of them have more than one fall. More than 85% of injury-related hospitalizations for seniors are the result of falls. 50% of all falls occur at home.

Consider all these important factors, and be prepared, even if it’s practicing with a friend or loved one to prevent the incidents from occurring.

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